At the risk of sounding unprofessional, I am going to write this “About” section in first person narrative. It’s not that I don’t like the mystique and sense of importance created when third person narrative is used in one’s personal blog’s “About” section, it’s just I am not sure who else is capable and/or willing to summarize my existence in 500-750 and if I write it myself in third person we will all know it is a ploy launched to make me sound more distinguished.

I currently work full time for a law firm web marketing and design agency in Raleigh, NC. I enjoy numerous elements of digital marketing but developing content and link building strategies are my main focus areas. Most of my recent work has been in high competition niches but I am happy to work on small to mid-size business’ content marketing campaigns when it is a good fit for all parties involved.

As my time is very limited these days I accept these projects on a case by case basis and do so very rarely. I am also available for consulting and training on an hourly basis, please contact me for more details.


About Jason Giroux

Writer, amateur musician, teacher, marketer, and digital strategist. I love what I do and on this blog I will be writing (more like rambling) about the people, ideas, and places that inspire me. I work in digital marketing and love what I do. I am especially committed to creating and promoting quality content that helps develop brand authority and thought leadership on and offline. I value transparency, ROI, hard work, and the knowledge needed to stay on top of all current trends and research relevant to the digital marketing industry. Feel free to contact me for networking or other professional opportunities.